Green Initiatives at the 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

lradick December 27, 2017
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The American College of Healthcare Executives recognizes the environmental benefits and obligations of being environmentally responsible. At the 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership, the principles of environmental sustainability will be especially evident.

This year, ACHE is going paperless! Instead of receiving paper handouts for numbered seminars and evaluations, Congress attendees will be able to access these documents, as well as digital badges, through the 2018 Congress app. Additionally, attendees will be able to switch seminars through the app, and will have the opportunity to proof their name badges online this year—saving paper and time.

Wherever possible, ACHE uses printers that have Forest Stewardship Council certification, which acknowledges responsible and sustainable forest growth and harvesting. The majority of meeting signs and structures are reusable and will be adapted for use at future meetings. Leftover portfolio bags also are reused, as are all returned badge holders and lanyards. And, as always, attendees are also encouraged to recycle their leftover papers and other recyclable materials.

The Hyatt Regency Chicago is a member of the Green Key Eco-Rating Program and has been Green-Key certified with a four-key rating. Additionally, the Hyatt works hard to lower its environmental footprint, using high-efficiency lighting in guest rooms, environmentally safe cleaning products, low-flow showerheads and toilets to conserve water and a paperless check-in/out process.

To learn more about the Hyatt Regency Chicago’s sustainability initiatives, click here.

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