Early Careerists: Position Yourself for Success at the 2018 Congress

lradick January 5, 2018
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The field of healthcare leadership is always evolving. Early careerists must position themselves as rooted in key management principles while also remaining adaptable to important areas of change. Ethical practices, healthy relationships and developing a vision for the future can help early careerists strengthen their momentum.

ACHE’s 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership is offering the following seminars, which align specifically with these needs:

Aligning Ethical Principles With Organizational Leadership
Seminar 07A or 07B (1.5 credit hours)

Healthcare is moving from volume to value while high-quality patient care has increased in focus. To guide critical decisions, leaders will need to integrate ethics into their organization’s culture and practices. This seminar will provide an actionable model to ensure decisions remain ethical and on point with organizational strategies.

Difficult to Doable: Three Models for Successfully Having Tough Conversations
Seminar 45A or 45B (1.5 credit hours)

Difficult conversations are necessary for creating accountability, setting expectations and fostering healthy organizations. During this seminar, you’ll be introduced to three models to help you effectively engage in tough conversations, particularly with low performers, habitual offenders and solid performers with a performance misstep.

Relationship Dynamics for the Healthcare Professional
Seminar 107 (3.0 credit hours)

With increasingly complex challenges facing healthcare leaders, the need to skillfully manage a variety of relationships also increases. This seminar will show you how to develop a strong network of relationships, while deftly navigating any situation and keep relationships intact.

Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the Decade to Come: Long-Term Trends and Development Implications
Seminar 95A or 95B (3.0 credit hours)

In addition to adapting to short-term changes currently affecting the healthcare field, are you also considering longer-term trends and what this means for leadership in the future? Based on research findings and case examples, this seminar will present evolving leadership competencies and the expected impact on leader’s roles.

Speaking of the future …

 be sure to invest time in the Career Development Programs available to you at Congress, and Lessons From Robert S. Hudgens Memorial Award Winners (Seminar 70X, 1.5 credit hours), specifically about early careerists, the critical decisions they faced and how you can prepare in advance.

In addition, early careerists are encouraged to attend the Early Careerists Special Interest Area Networking Breakfast and other sessions geared toward early careerists outlined in the Navigating Congress section (Page 6) of the Congress brochure.

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